About Us

S. N. Sanitation began their journey in the field of sanitation products and bathroom fittings in the year 2005, with the aim of creating and selling products filled with innovations, creations and a desire to fulfil the needs of its customer base. Keeping all in mind, S. N. Sanitation came into the market of sanitation products and bathroom fittings to establish themselves as the leading supplier of such products in the country.

With an experience of manufactucturing modern bathroom accessories for over 8 years now, S. N. Sanitation is now a trendsetter for designer bathroom faucets and this was made possible with continuous evolution and upgradation of its products that satisfied the needs of its customer base with changing times.

We have always made it a point to continuously interact with our customers and understand their ideas regarding their dream bathroom.  This is very well reflected in our products as our products are the outcomes of the same interactions. We believe, not just in creating bathroom faucets but also in creating a lively atmosphere for you in a place where you can ooze out all your stress.

We believe in stringent quality controlled for each and every product that we make. Our products are a result of the same quality controlled production combined with latest designs. We can proudly proclaim S. N. Sanitation faucets are bold and beautiful, not just in terms of its looks but also in its functionality.  Our products clearly reflect, we don’t just believe in selling our products but developing a long term relationship with our customers.